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An easier way to do business.

One Stop Resource for Success

We offer 90 years of continued industry expertise and business development and proudly assist insurance advisors in reaching the finish line on even the most complex cases.

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their future

Work With Us

Our business uniquely empowers you with a competitive edge in serving your customers by leveraging strategic alliances with a diverse range of insurance companies—opportunities you might not typically access as an independent insurance entrepreneur.

In fact, we have established partnerships with over 20 A+ rated companies.

Our Competitive Edge

Well-rounded product offerings.

Work With Us
Life Insurance
  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance
    • Universal Life Products
    • Traditional Whole Life
Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Traditional Long-Term Care
  • Asset Based Hybrid Long-Term Care
  • Long-Term Care Riders (as a Life Insurance Policy Enhancement)
Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance
  • Supplemental Critical Illness Insurance
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Other products are available
Advisor Consultations
  • Advanced Markets (business cases, foreign national clients)
  • Impaired risk solutions for high-end risk and complicated cases
  • Expertise in Underwriting
  • Webinars & In-Person Training Sessions

Our Carriers

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& more insurance carriers!

No Brainer

Lead Generator

We offer an all-in-one solution for advisors to simplify the term life insurance quoting and application submission process, only for affiliated advisors.

Direct Marketing

With your customizable co-branded page, you can market your services directly to your prospective customers, providing them with the independence to initiate the term life insurance process.


The Vive Client Portal empowers your clients to generate their own term life insurance quotes and submit their own term life insurance applications.

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Vive Client Portal Demo

The Vive Client Portal is an all-in-one solution for advisors to simplify the term life insurance quoting and application submission process. Empower your clients to generate their own term life insurance quotes and submit their own term life insurance applications.

With your customizable co-branded page, you can market directly to your prospective customers. 

If you do not have a login username and password yet and would like to test out Vive, contact us.

Term Insurance Revolutionized


Quote, Compare, and Submit an Order in Just 5 minutes.

Vive gives you the industry’s fastest way to write term life insurance.


Accelerated Underwriting Decisions in Days Instead of Weeks.

Vive’s groundbreaking technology feeds data directly to insurance carriers. The direct links allow Vive to immediately determine your client’s AU eligibility. It’s a breakthrough that allows carriers to make more non-medical underwriting decisions in a matter of days. No exam, no blood, no medical records.


The Vive Score. Because Price Isn’t Everything.

In an industry first, Vive creates a weighted score to rate the overall consumer value of each product above and beyond price. No other online tool does so much to make consultative selling so easy!


Real-Time Case Status at Your Fingertips.

Vive automatically aggregates all case status across all Vive carriers in one location. Auto alerts via email or text let you focus on cases that need special attention. More cases stay on schedule with a lot less effort.