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Life insurance


Your family is your legacy.
Life insurance protects their future.

Our families mean everything to us. We work hard to provide the best life possible for our children and loved ones. When planning for the future, we imagine that we will always be there for them, and yet, life is a journey of unexpected challenges and triumphs. We want to know that come what may, our family will be able to continue to live the lives we have worked so hard to support and help flourish. This loving support is at the heart of every life insurance policy.

Life Happens

There are many reasons to own life insurance but ultimately the choice to buy life insurance comes down to removing the burden on your family should something happen to you.  Whether they depend on your income to pay off your home and avoid defaulting on the mortgage or paying your child’s tuition so that they can continue to reach for their dreams, life insurance provides when you cannot.

Additionally, life insurance can be an excellent way to round out your estate and retirement planning, or keep you on your feet financially should you become ill and unable to work for a period of time.  There are life insurance policies for nearly every financial need and goal that you may have for your family and loved ones.  Obtaining a policy that fits your life is easier than you might think.  Let us know how we can help you.

Steps to life insurance


Determine How Much Coverage You Need

Use this calculator to approximate how much life insurance coverage you need based on your income, expenses, and family goals. It will give you a good estimate to keep in mind for when you contact our team.


Determine the Duration

How long would you like insurance coverage for?
There are many different life insurance products that can keep you covered for a period of years or for the rest of your life. Knowing why you want life insurance is important in determining the duration of your policy needs. A 20-year Term Life policy could protect your family until your kids are out of school where a Universal Life policy will guarantee an inheritance for your loved ones while giving you more flexibility in retirement.


Compare and Apply

We’ll send you a list of solutions and find the best fit for you.
We have been proudly serving the families of Hawaii for nearly 90 years. We look forward to helping you find the policy that gives you peace of mind while providing your family a lifeline far into the future.


  • Your life insurance can cover expenses should you pass away. These expenses include monthly bills, groceries, mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, childcare, college funding, and end-of-life expenses. Life insurance can also be used for business including a buy-sell agreement or to protect from the loss of a key person.

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