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Disability insurance


Disability Insurance protects your most valuable asset:  Your income.

What would happen if, due to an illness or injury, you were unable to work for an extended period of time, or perhaps the rest of your career? Where would the money come from to maintain your lifestyle, fund your retirement, and grow your investment portfolio?

Income Protection needs to be taken as seriously as any other insurance policy. If you don’t have any income, then you are going to find that it’s very hard to keep a roof over your head, food on the table, and clothes on your back. That is why income protection gets so much more serious once an issue arises in our lives.

The reality is that 1 out of every 4 working people in the United States will suffer a disability at one point or another that keeps them out of work for 3 months or more.  


Disability insurance typically covers 50% to 70% of your income. It is designed to provide a supplemental flow of income should you be unable to work and is a life preserver when you need it most.

Disability insurance provides you with a portion of your income if an illness or injury prevents you from working and earning an income. Everyday expenses don’t stop even if you can’t work, and medical bills from your disability can end up making a bad situation even worse.

1 out of every 4 workers will experience wage loss due to disability at some point in their career.
1 out of every 4 workers will experience wage loss due to disability at some point in their career.
Benefits of Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is also known as Disability Income (DI) insurance.  In the event that you become disabled and cannot receive your normal income, a disability policy will replace a percentage of your income that will pay you while you get back on your feet.  That means you would still be able to:

  • Pay your mortgage
  • Pay your bills
  • Preserve your independence
  • Maintain your personal savings

Steps to disability insurance


Determine How Much Coverage You Need

Use this calculator to approximate how much disability insurance coverage you need based on your income.  Disability insurance can protect up to 70% of your income.


Determine the Duration

How long would you like disability insurance coverage for?
Disability policies can be for both short and long-term disabilities spanning from as little as 3 months to many years, even up to your retirement from the workforce.


Compare and Apply

We’ll send you a list of solutions and find the best fit for you.
We have been proudly serving the families of Hawaii for nearly 90 years.  We look forward to helping you find the disability policy that will protect your income and your family.


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