Life Insurance in Retirement Planning (LIRP)

A study released by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), reported that 57% of financial planners said that running out of money was the top retirement concern for their clients. Social Security and 401(k)s or IRAs may not provide enough income for clients’ retirement goals. Life insurance can be used as a tool to supplement retirement income. Explore our campaign ideas, packaged marketing resources and more!

Campaign Ideas:

  • Offer A Retirement Checkup.
    One of the biggest risks to a comfortable retirement is running out of money too soon. Use an industry calculator to help uncover a client’s projected shortfall at retirement. Then, fill the gap with permanent life insurance.
  • Target High-Income and High-Net-Worth Individuals.
    Affluent clients often “max out” their 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, but the contributions are limited and may not meet their future retirement needs. IRAs and Roth IRAs both offer additional savings opportunities, but a client must fall within income limitations to use them. This is where a Life Insurance in Retirement Planning strategy can serve as a solution.
  • Tax Diversification.
    Does your client’s current retirement plan consider future tax exposure? Provide a tax-advantaged option for clients through cash value life insurance.
  • Retirement Backstop.
    Your clients are saving for retirement, but they are unsure if their current accounts will last through life expectancy. A cash value life insurance policy can provide a “backstop” against unplanned retirement risks (sequence of return risk, withdrawal rate risk, inflation, taxes, longevity, and long-term care events).

Marketing Materials